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I wish I could give her 1000 stars! Kelsey is a dream health and wellness coach. She focuses on you as a whole, and really dives into the "why" behind your behaviors. We rarely spend time talking about diet and exercise, we spend time talking about how to better take care of myself. She has a unique ability to latch onto one tiny comment you make, and help you dive deeper until you realize something you've never thought about before. She has helped me come face to face with some things I have buried for years and I will be forever grateful. She also quickly became one of my biggest cheerleaders and really helped me to not be as hard on myself. If you need someone to help you, Kelsey is your girl – hands down!

- Nicole S. 


I worked with Kelsey a couple years ago. I had never done any kind of health coaching before, so I was nervous to go. From the moment I walked through the door Kelsey made me feel completely at ease. She walked me through how a health coach can be beneficial and she was able to help me implement small manageable changes over time. What I loved most about my experience through the months I worked with Kelsey, is there was no judgment or shaming as I went through the process and had set backs. Kelsey is extremely understanding, flexible and willing to go at your pace. I highly recommend working with her!

- Haley T. 


Kelsey is a phenomenal resource! She is a passionate and motivating fitness professional who is knowledgeable and inspiring. I have enjoyed working with Kelsey tremendously and we miss here in Austin.

- Abby B.

What I really loved about this experience is that I am taking away from it more than I even expected. Kelsey’s knowledge, passion and dedication is incredibly infectious and inspiring. I loved the easy-to-understand ways in which you she taught me about my body and movement.

- Eileen P.


It has been over a year since I worked with Kelsey on a personalized nutrition plan and I can absolutely, completely, and with conviction still say that she revolutionized my energy, mood, and training with the guidance and expertise in nutrition. I strongly recommend Kelsey and KBG Wellness to anyone and everyone looking to make a change in the way they fuel their bodies to chase results of any kind.

I am a semi professional athlete and my nutrition and health are of paramount importance to me. I understand how essential it is to fuel your body with good nutrition, especially if you want it to perform optimally. So I have always been health conscious and over the years did a lot of nutritional research. I am no expert, but before working with Kelsey I considered myself healthy and knowledgeable. However, last year, after taking some rest in the off season, I struggled getting back into a groove with my training. I kept getting sick as I ramped up my training volume and after only a few days of higher volume, I would feel terrible. I have done similar training jumps before and never met with this much difficulty. My training was strenuous to be sure, but it was intelligent and measured, too.

When I heard that one of my friends (training to be an Navy Seal Officer) had worked with Kelsey and that she had revolutionized the way he felt, responded to training, and managed his recovery from an injury; I decided that I had give it a try.

First thing, Kelsey asked me for my nutritional log. After looking over my food for 10 days, she agreed that I did do a good job of eating healthfully, but she also identified some major nutritional wholes in my diet.

She made a program for me that adjusted the timing, composition, and frequency of my eating (along with some targeted supplements she recommended I take daily).

It took a few weeks, but the results came and when they did, they were astounding. My mood, energy, resistance to illness, and reaction to training stimuli all improved dramatically.

Working with Kelsey is the best training decision I have ever made! No equipment, training program, or training trip has ever had such a positive and massive effect on my results.

On top of doing an exceptional job, Kelsey was extremely friendly and easy to work with. She was supportive, nurturing and made me feel like I had an investment in the recommendations she was making. She also reached out multiple times beyond our scheduled sessions to make sure I was doing well. Most importantly, wanted me to understand why we were making each change so that I could make a sustainable change. She didn't just improve my eating for a few weeks, but improved my nutrition, permanently.

Thank you Kelsey! You completely changed my training (and my life, really)! I can't wait to see how the rest of my racing career goes!

- Austin K.


I love Kelsey's professionalism and her kind-heartedness. She is always very kind and caring to me, always checking in on me. She is everything I've looked for in an instructor. Even on the days when I was hurting badly, I still found time to come to her class. That explains everything about her.

- Tola M.

I first met Kelsey when she was teaching a wellness class at a local San Diego Healthcare network; she was teaching a weight management class that I had taken as a followup to a recommendation by my Doctor. Kelsey’s professionalism, sense of humor, and knowledge of wellness and fitness knows no boundaries! I have recently lost 25 pounds and I can attribute this accomplishment to what I have gained by taking Kelsey’s guidance.

- Bill C. 


Kelsey is the best trainer I have ever had. Her passion and dedication is incredibly infectious and inspiring. I will share the techniques of mindfulness and exercise with everyone and anyone I can.

- Callie K.


Kelsey is amazing. She loves teaching and you can feel it in every singe class, and that makes you fall in love with the material. She explains everything in a very clear manner and she makes her classes very dynamic where you don't ever get bored and learn with hands on. I would take classes with her over and over because she taught me so much!

- Jessica S.

I met Kelsey at some of my favorite group fitness classes at SDSU. She has a way of motivating people with her contagious smile, amazing music, and her ability to always create new and fun ways to challenge the group as a whole.


Being a division one athlete at the time, and always being what seemed to be injured on one level or another, I always loved that I was able to come to her for modifications to make sure I stayed safe throughout the workouts without feeling like I wasn't getting a good workout because of my restrictions.

More recently after graduating and paying more attention to my nutrition and my new fitness goals, I have been able to come to her with things I am currently struggling with like finding a healthy balance between trying to lean out and stay sane with my way of getting there. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and does a really good job working to really get through to me no matter how stubborn at times I have been. She is very passionate about what she does and I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to achieve a healthy happy self!

- Nika S.

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