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After recovering from anorexia at age 13, Kelsey fell in love with exercise. She relished the feeling of movement and was enamored with its ability to improve her mood and self-esteem. Unfortunately, this love didn’t always manifest healthfully. Over the next decade, she struggled off and on with disordered eating, over exercise, and an unhealthy relationship with food.


She spent years tuning out her body’s signals and pushing past its limits. Despite looking physically fit, she was mentally and emotionally depleted. She struggled with depression, amenorrhea, and chronic, widespread pain. Clearly, this was not the outcome she'd hoped for when she set out to become “healthy.”


This physical and emotional pain prompted Kelsey to  study the fields of nutrition, movement, psychology, and behavior change. 


=Ultimately, she learned what it truly means to eat intuitively and optimize her health. She has since helped hundreds of others do the same. 


Kelsey made it her life’s mission to help those who are struggling with food, movement, body image, and health.

If this resonates with you, please reach out. We promise an incredible journey of self-discovery awaits. Oh yeah, you probably want to know about her credentials, don't you?




health coaching

We offer one-on-one, virtual health coaching sessions to folks all over the country. We use evidence-based guidelines to help you develop wellness strategies that align with your values, lifestyle, and goals. At KBG Wellness, we believe that you are the boss of your body. Always. We help you to understand the roots underlying your food and movement habits and systematically dismantle them. 

We don't believe in shame, blame, or willpower-based strategies to achieving lasting health improvements.


We start with your thoughts and feelings around food, movement, and your body, paired with health education, which result in sustainable and authentic change from the inside out.


No teeth gritting or white knuckling required.


 We specialize in the following:

  • Intuitive and mindful eating

  • Straightforward and evidence-based strategies for improving eating habits

  • Developing an enjoyable and impactful exercise routine

If you are ready to achieve your health and happiness, give us a shout!


Kelsey works as a freelance writer for various health and fitness publications, covering the topics of intuitive and mindful eating, health coaching, healthy behavior change, and inclusive and inspiring group fitness instruction. She is an expert source for various health and fitness publications.

Need someone to author a piece or serve as an expert source? reach out!

Kelsey teaches in and is the Director of the Personal Training Certificate Program at San Diego Mesa College.


To study with her and her excellent colleagues, check out the SD Mesa Personal Training Page, or reach out for more info.


“I wish I could give her 1000 stars! Kelsey is a dream health and wellness coach. She focuses on you as a whole, and really dives into the "why" behind your behaviors. We rarely spend time talking about diet and exercise, we spend time talking about how to better take care of myself. She has a unique ability to latch onto one tiny comment you make, and help you dive deeper until you realize something you've never thought about before. She has helped me come face to face with some things I have buried for years and I will be forever grateful. If you need someone to help you, Kelsey is your girl - hands down!”

Nicole S. 

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